Mechanical motion support system TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX

TIP-ON BLUMOTION – Well-designed product details

TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX is the perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture. The basis for this is provided by the specially designed LEGRABOX cabinet profile. Varying nominal lengths and weight ranges can be achieved with the different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units. All other components are universal. Practical templates from Blum can be used to make installation and assembly easier.


  • Full extension with nominal lengths of 270–650 mm
  • Dynamic load bearing capacity of 40 kg and 70 kg
  • Different TIP-ON BLUMOTION units with various strengths for an adapted opening and closing action, depending on weight ranges and nominal lengths
  • Optional synchronisation with cabinet widths ≥ 300 mm
  • Many of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION product components can be used for both LEGRABOX and MOVENTO
More impressions and details on TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX

Assembly and adjustment

The components of TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX are assembled without tools. Pull-outs and drawers are designed and installed as normal. There is no additional space requirement. No additional work is required on the front, e.g. for recessed grips or handle strips. The four-dimensional adjustment ensures a precise gap layout. The integrated depth adjustment can be made tool-free using the adjustment wheel. The practical front gap template ensures that a minimum front gap of 2.5 mm can be set.

Assembly film:


Advantages at a glance:

  • Completely mechanical
  • Minimum front gap of 2.5 mm
  • Extensive trigger range
  • Simple, tool-free assembly
  • 4-dimensional adjustment
  • It is possible to pull to open or manually push to close
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