AVENTOS HK-S small stay lift

The mechanical opening support system for small stay lifts

Whether in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, handle-less furniture has become a fixed element of modern furniture design. TIP-ON, our mechanical opening support system, makes small stay lifts easy and comfortable to open.

Opening stay lifts with just a light touch

Thanks to TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-S, small stay lifts open with just a light touch. To close, simply press lightly on the lift system. A catch plate attached to the inside of the front ensures secure closing.

TIP-ON for the entire kitchen

Using our TIP-ON mechanical opening support system, you can cover all important applications in the kitchen: the AVENTOS-HK-S lift mechanism specially designed for TIP-ON is suitable for small lift systems. TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK is also available for handle-less pull-outs and doors.


The advantages of TIP-ON for AVENTOS HK-S:

  • Mechanical opening support system
  • Enhances TIP-ON for pull-outs and doors
  • Easy assembly
  • For all lift system front sizes and for any living area
  • Easy opening and secure closing
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