Base unit for bottles, film and foil

Clever solution for quick dressings

Bottles of oil and vinegar are often used when preparing meals. That’s why they should always be within easy reach. To make things more practical, have your bottle pull-out close to your worktop and hob. This shortens distances and makes workflows simple.

Practical film/foil dispenser

Get to grips with your plastic wrap and aluminium foil. Blum’s dispenser rod gives you effortless dispensing with a tangle-free cut.

Bottles will not tip over

Bottles of oil and vinegar are held securely in the bottle pull-out. Practical AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividers give you clear visibility of contents and ensure that nothing spills. Ideally, this cabinet should have a width of at least 300 mm.

Chopping boards within easy reach

If you've got enough space, make the cabinet wider, let’s say 400 or 450 mm. Then you can also keep chopping boards on their sides.

No space wasted

Fit in an additional inner drawer behind the high front of the bottle pull-out. This creates extra space for small items such as cling film and food bags.

All advantages at a glance

  • Bottles, chopping boards and film/foil are easily accessible

  • Ideal position close to worktop and hob

  • Widths of 400 or 450 mm give you enough space to keep chopping boards on their sides

  • Bottles are held securely with AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE inner dividers

  • Practical film/foil dispenser for plastic wrap and aluminium foil

  • Additional inner drawer for cling film and food bags

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical motion support system

Would you like to have this practical cabinet in your kitchen too? Tell your kitchen planner now!


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