Make the most of your time at Blum UK!

Welcome to the Blum Experience Centre

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IT Offerings and Restrictions

To ensure you can make the most of your time at Blum UK, please read through the following IT offerings and restrictions, confirm your meeting goes off with out a hitch.

Wireless Connections

Please be aware our Guest Wireless is a Private network, not a public network, like you find in a hotel or public space. You may need to change and alter some of your settings to access our network, but instructions are available in each of our conference rooms.

Note: Our network is not compatible with Google Chromebooks or Google Chrome web browsers.


Display Connections

We have available to you the following adapters, to enable the connection to our projector or TV.

  • HDMI

  • HDMI to VGA

  • HDMI to Display Port

  • HDMI to Mini Display Port

  • HDMI to Lightning Connector

  • HDMI to USB-C

End User Disclaimer

Due to our Acceptable Use Policy, you will be unable plug in any external device (USB memory sticks or portable hard drives) into our hardware (laptops or desktops).

Please ensure you therefore bring your own device, with your presentation.


Test drive your kitchen!

There’s nothing like trying out a mock-up of your future kitchen. Our kitchen test drive brings your kitchen design to life. Do you have enough work surface? Are workflows smooth and efficient? Is there enough space for all your storage items? Mobile cabinets can be quickly moved around to simulate different kitchen layouts. Take your time and try out which arrangement ‘feels’ right.

Experience it for yourself!

Touch, try out and feel the difference. The Blum Showroom displays the latest products and innovations. Be inspired by our functional cabinet ideas for different living areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Our showroom furniture is just asking to be tried out.

Cabinet solutions with plenty of storage space!

Wall cabinets equipped with lift systems glide open with supreme ease.


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