Base unit for kitchen accessories

The cabinet for sheer cooking pleasure

You don’t want to have to hunt for pans and utensils when you’re in the midst of cooking. This cabinet ensures that you have everything you frequently need for cooking immediately to hand. Ideally, this cabinet should be under your hob or right next to it.

Good place for cooking utensils

Frequently used cooking utensils can be kept within easy reach in the top pull-out. Practical inner dividing systems ensure that the right cooking spoon is always close at hand.

The right lid for every pot

You’ll quickly find the right lid in this pull-out with flexible cross and longside dividers. The dividers keep lids separate from pots and tidy up interiors.

Everything held in place

To make things more practical, equip this cabinet with high back and side panels. This prevents lids and pan handles from sliding and sticking out.

Tailored to you

The cabinet comes in various widths, heights and even depths. We recommend a width of at least 600 mm to comfortably accommodate large pots and pans.

All advantages at a glance

  • Pots, pans, lids and cooking utensils are all kept in one place

  • Ideal position under or next to the hob

  • Flexible cross and longside dividers keep lids separate from pots

  • High back and side panels keep contents in place

  • Comes in different widths, heights and depths

  • Ideal width at least 600 mm to accommodate large pots and pans

  • Can be combined with an electrical or mechanical motion support system

Would you like to have this practical cabinet in your kitchen too? Tell your kitchen planner now!


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