Runner systems

Quality steel for your wooden design ideas

Do you have creative ideas? Our ongoing efforts to optimise our range are designed to help you translate your wooden ideas into action. Thanks to our wide range of different runners, there are no limits to your ideas because we have the right solution to meet every demand and requirement.

Our products connect your wooden design ideas

Daniel Vogel Product Manager

We will help you to translate your ideas into action. Our goal is to create a strong symbiosis of steel and wood.

The sophisticated runner system – MOVENTO

MOVENTO is a concealed runner system and the sophisticated solution to your wooden ideas:

  • High stability and load bearing capacity – now up to 70 kg.
  • Synchronised feather-light glide for a smooth running action.
  • Precise gap alignment thanks to 4-dimensional adjustment.
  • Compatible with all 4 motion technologies by Blum.
  • BLUMOTION S – a single runner for 3 different motion technologies.
  • Full extension for easy access to all items – even those at the back of a drawer.
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The versatile runner system – TANDEM

TANDEM is a versatile, concealed runner system that offers you a wide range of possibilities for your wooden ideas:

  • A feather-light glide for wooden drawers and pull-outs.
  • A wide range of nominal lengths, load bearing classes and different types of extension.
  • TANDEM full extension with a load bearing capacity of 30 or 50 kg meets high demands in every living area.
  • TANDEM single extension with a load bearing capacity of 30 kg and a soft end stop.
  • NEW: TANDEM 7/8 extension – an efficient solution for easy access.
  • Compatible with BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON.
  • Integrated TIP-ON for single and 7/8 extensions, with synchronisation for a large trigger range.
  • Easy installation thanks to locking device or hook and peg feature.
  • TANDEM 19 mm – the runner for thick, 17 to 19 mm drawer sides.
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Practical solution for your wooden design ideas

Secure hold for pull-out shelves. The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place – be it in kitchens, bathrooms, in living or utility rooms. Our practical solution enables you to implement your ideas.

At a glance

  • Implement your wooden ideas with our wide range of runners
  • MOVENTO – our sophisticated runner system
  • TANDEM – our versatile runner system
  • Pull-out shelf lock – our practical solution for a secure hold
  • A wide array of services and assembly devices support you along every step of your manufacturing process.