Hinge systems

Motion is not just about OPENING and CLOSING doors

It is our motivation to develop fittings that meet customers’ needs. That is why we are always enhancing and adding more products to our range. We have been investing time and energy in developing concealed furniture hinges for 57 years. CLIP top BLUMOTION with integrated soft close has been in our product range since 2009. Today, we offer sophisticated solutions for almost every application so that you can realise your ideas.

We are continuously developing our range

Jochen Lubetz Head of Quality Assurance

We put our hinges through 200,000 opening and closing cycles

The easy way to fix thin fronts

New possibilities in furniture making

EXPANDO T – for thin fronts with a thickness of 8 to 14 mm – is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as chipboard, MDF, HPL, mineral composites, ceramics, natural stone or artificial stone. It gives you the freedom to create exceptional designs.

The basis for thin fronts

Steel teeth bite into the material of hard fronts and nylon components ensure firm anchorage in soft panels. To fix EXPANDO T, drill a hole of 10 mm in diameter and just 6 mm in depth.

Thin fronts for furniture throughout the home

EXPANDO T allows you to implement three different applications: Wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs – for every living area.

TIP-ON for doors

Handle-less doors open at a single touch with the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.

Perfectly integrated in the cabinet

You can choose between the short and long version of TIP-ON, for drilling or with a screw-on adapter plate depending on the application.

At a glance

  • For us, motion is not just about OPENING and CLOSING doors – that’s why we’re continuously developing our hinges.
  • We offer you a wide range of hinges for a multitude of applications.
  • Thanks to integrated soft-close BLUMOTION, doors close softly and effortlessly regardless of their closing speed and weight.
  • Our EXPANDO T fixing system opens up new possibilities in furniture making.
  • We offer the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for handle-less fronts.
  • A wide array of services and assembly devices support you along every step of your manufacturing process.