Digital Technology
Let’s envision the future together. Smart solutions will deliver enhanced convenience to the homes of tomorrow.

Living spaces are changing. They are becoming more functional. To support future developments and living trends, we are investigating in depth the benefits and opportunities of new digital technologies.

New technologies, new possibilities

Smart solutions primarily do one thing: they fulfil functions that are tailored to your needs. Fittings specialist Blum carries out research and helps to develop the future of furniture in many different areas.

Digital interface

We believe that furniture of the future will be a “home” for smart devices. To this end, we will offer the infrastructure to supply power to your furniture. This will make furniture the basis for future applications, ideas and visions.

Play with light

Tailored to your needs

Functional: Lighting makes the contents of pull-outs visible. Integrate lighting into your furniture with ease – using a well-thought-out infrastructure.
Emotional: Use background lighting to create ambience in any room. The decorative lighting functions are easy to operate.

Fit for the future through standardisation

USB-C is becoming the most commonly used type of interface for electronic devices. We anticipate that this interface will become the standard on the market for future applications. Furniture will be a new “home” for electronic devices. And gadgets will be supplied with power directly where they are kept.

At a glance

  • Well-thought-out power supply infrastructure built into the furniture
  • Simple integration during furniture construction
  • Lighting to make furniture more functional and emotional