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Your requirements – our box solution​

You need the right products to be able to respond to diverse customer needs. We offer three fully-fledged box systems to meet differing needs and requirements in terms of design, function and manufacturing.

Think inside the box


Stunningly beautiful design

The customisable design of LEGRABOX supports the latest living trends and opens up a wide range of design possibilities. The side panels are straight (inside and out) and impressively slim (just 12.8 mm), blending in beautifully with all items of furniture.

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Turn your inspiration into a reality

Living areas are not just practical and functional, they also mirror your personality. Attention to detail, artistic and well-thought-out elements complement each other in design and colour and merge with one another.


Whatever your inspiration – we have the right design solution to turn the box system into YOUR LEGRABOX.

  • A classic characteristic of elegance.
  • A trendy homage to nostalgia.
  • A minimalist interpretation of aesthetics.
  • A distinctive sign of character.
  • An obvious liking for clarity.
  • A sincere commitment to naturalness.
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The right design for every style and taste

Our range gives you the possibility to create a fully customised design to suit your requirements.

Fascinating technology with BLUMOTION S – Three in one

Thanks to the innovative BLUMOTION S runner, LEGRABOX does not only have a sleek personalised design but also boasts outstanding running characteristics.

Final assembly on site

Create your very own drawer side to suit your taste – in seconds and at very good terms.


A 20-year success story... and still ongoing

Our customers’ success drives us

We are continuously developing our TANDEMBOX box system. This is nothing new. But we have gone one step further.

We are now focussing on one range that enables all applications. One TANDEMBOX for all requirements.

TANDEMBOX – Your options


Let’s create – The box platform for your ideas

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    Turn your inspiration into a reality
    Let’s create – The box platform for your ideas
    Efficient and simple