Lift systems – the optimum solution for wall cabinets. That is why we are continuously developing AVENTOS. Our aim is to make people’s lives easier.

AVENTOS lift systems bring top quality motion to wall cabinets. Even large and heavy fronts open and close with ultimate ease. What makes AVENTOS especially practical is that it gives furniture users full freedom of movement, keeping fronts well out of their way.

AVENTOS – “more” for your wall cabinets

The new AVENTOS top family

AVENTOS top gives you lots of possibilities

No matter whether small or large wall cabinets – the new AVENTOS top family will make all your ideas a reality.

  • AVENTOS HF top

    AVENTOS HF top is the ideal solution for lovers of bi-fold systems, two-part fronts or high and mid wall units.

  • AVENTOS HS top

    Aesthetes love AVENTOS HS top – our lift system for large, one-part fronts. The front swings up and over the cabinet, providing easy access to contents.

  • AVENTOS HL top

    AVENTOS HL is a favourite for those wanting to conceal their microwave or other electrical appliances. The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet.

  • AVENTOS HK top

    The compact fitting for small and large stay lifts offers versatile applications in all living areas.

Gerald Zagrajsek Product Manager

We want AVENTOS to make everyday kitchen use easier!

New look for the AVENTOS family

From today, AVENTOS HF, HS and HL will have a new design to match AVENTOS HK top and HK-S. And they will all have the same branding element.

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The invisible lift system

AVENTOS HKi is a concealed lift system that is completely integrated in the cabinet side – to create virtually seamless furniture.

Alternatively, a groove can be milled into the inner side of the cabinet and you can conceal AVENTOS HKi with a cover cap.

  • For standard and aluminium frame fronts
  • For fronts with or without handles
  • Up to 18 kg front weight
  • Easy and secure fixing from the front
  • Symmetrical lift mechanisms
  • Integrated opening angle stop
  • Blum quality motion and user convenience with variable stop
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At a glance

  • AVENTOS lift systems offer full freedom of movement
  • We are continuously developing the product range
  • New cover caps for AVENTOS HF, HS and HL
  • AVENTOS HKi integrated in the cabinet side
  • The new AVENTOS top family with AVENTOS HF, HS and HL are the future