Couple moving mobile cabinets in showroom to test kitchen layout

Welcome to the Kitchen Test Drive

Experience your new kitchen design at the planning stage

Prepare yourself well before you buy a kitchen. Nothing beats being able to touch and try out real solutions during the inspiration phase.

Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive was developed so new kitchen buyers can get hands-on and experience their kitchen plan prior to installation. Life-sized movable cabinets are arranged to correspond to your proposed layout. There are also dummy cabinets for electrical appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. By acting out daily kitchen tasks, you will get a feel for how your new kitchen will function.

Why you need a Kitchen Test Drive

  • Experience workflow in your kitchen first hand. Try out your layout and make changes to optimise workflow.

  • You will be able to visualise what your future kitchen will look like while learning about different space optimising and organisation solutions for different cabinet applications.

  • Create an ergonomic and comfortable kitchen design tailored to your individual needs.

Test drive your kitchen!

There’s nothing like trying out a mock-up of your future kitchen. Our Mississauga, ON location offers a Kitchen Test Drive experience which enables you to use our mobile cabinets to "test drive" your new kitchen design, for free. Test driving your kitchen will allow you to experience early on in the design phase how your kitchen layout will function.

Table test drive

The DYNAMIC SPACE table test drive is used to support the presentation of the DYNAMIC SPACE conceptual design in showrooms. Using cabinets colour-coded by zone, the proper arrangement of kitchen zones can be explained simply and easily. You can use the table test drive to see how your future kitchen would look like as well as to try out different arrangement options.

Learn more about DYNAMIC SPACE

Learn more about kitchen zones


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Couple moving mobile cabinets in showroom to test kitchen layout