5 Furniture Design Trends from IDS 2019

and how to achieve them with Blum functional hardware

The Interior Design Show Vancouver is the Pacific platform for all things design and is the premier showcase for new products and furniture. Blum was happy to exhibit for the first time and have inspiring conversations about new ideas, solutions and products for a better quality of living.

Here are the top five Blum products and ideas our visitors raved about, complete with downloadable documents for all the information you need to include these in your next designs:

1. Thin fronts for all your cabinet designs

Take it from the people who visited us at IDS - the most exciting Blum innovation for furniture design is EXPANDO T!
It is the first fixing method available for thin fronts ranging from 8 - 14mm. This award-winning fitting opens up a wide array of design possibilities with fronts now possible as thin as 8mm with even very dense materials like HPL, quartz composites, natural stone and more. With EXPANDO T you can create the thin front look throughout all three Blum products areas: AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinets, hinge systems for doors and drawer fronts for LEGRABOX drawer system. EXPANDO T makes minimalist furniture design so easy!

Download the EXPANDO-T flyer

2. Onyx black hinge, to create colour harmony or beautiful contrast

Dark furniture radiates sleek elegance – inside and out. Blum's onyx black hinge can be used to discreetly complement dark furniture or to create visual impact with lighter colour palettes. The BLUMOTION soft-close is seamlessly integrated into the hinge for added functionality. The onyx black hinge is more than a design element, it's a distinctive style!

For more inspiration, download the brochure

3. Glass fronts with CRISTALLO

Dreaming of a nice showpiece cabinet? Would you like to display fine china, trophies or mementos, maybe even expensive shoes? Do you fear using glass? Well fear no more! The all new CLIP top BLUMOTION CRISTALLO provides Blum’s highest quality of motion ever available for glass or mirrored fronts. Maybe it’s even in a high end retail or commercial display application, dream away. Glass fronts can forevermore close as smoothly, as softly, as silently as they do with CRISTALLO.

For more ideas, download the CRISTALLO flyer

4. Optimize storage space with SPACE TOWER

SPACE TOWER provides more than enough storage space, making it an ideal choice anywhere you need storage. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom, hallway or bathroom, the inner pull-outs provide easy all-round access to stored goods. Everything can be accessed with impressive ease. SPACE TOWER also allows flexible design; it comes in all heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your customer's specific storage space needs. With SPACE TOWER, it's easy to create more beautiful and functional storage space in all living areas.

For more storage ideas with SPACE TOWER, download the brochure

5. Minimalistic design, with AVENTOS HK top

The next generation in lift systems is here! The new AVENTOS HK top stay lift is less than half the size of its predecessor yet just as capable. Thanks to its new clean-cut design, it harmonizes beautifully with cabinet interiors. It installs close to the top panel so it blends into the furniture. The newly designed, minimalist cover caps come in a range of colours and give great freedom for design. Stay tuned, AVENTOS HK top will soon be available with SERVO-DRIVE electric motion support system. For all upper cabinets, AVENTOS HK top is the ideal solution for a minimalistic look!

For AVENTOS HK top program, download the brochure

6. And... a bonus!

You heard it here first! Blum will soon launch SPACE STEP, an all new toe kick solution that takes storage to new levels! You will discover newly created storage possibilities now accessible behind the toe kick. You’ll experience an easier time accessing those hard to reach areas in upper cabinets. SPACE STEP even makes it possible for children to lend a helping hand. SPACE STEP brings multifunctionality to lower cabinets everywhere, the kitchen, wardrobe, front entryways and mud rooms.

Watch the video to see the magic happen!

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