5 trends from The Interior Design Show Toronto 2023 

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The Blum Canada team was proud to be part of the 2023 Interior Design Show (IDS) in Toronto. Under the Blum Inspirations signature, the team exchanged conversations with visitors on new furniture ideas and creative solutions that enhance the quality of living for users. IDS is also the place to discover upcoming interior design trends. As a hardware manufacturer, Blum remains curious about future trends and about finding the right solution to add functionality to cabinetry all around the home.

The Blum team gathered the five trends that inspired interior designers, manufacturers, students, and end-users who came to the Blum Inspirations booth. Here are the highlights.

1- Dark kitchens and furniture

IDS 2023 confirmed that the dark furniture trend would remain popular in 2023. For this look, Blum has the right solution for all projects. Small details like the CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in Onyx Black will discreetly complement dark furniture or create a beautiful contrast with softer or lighter colours. There are also many choices of drawer finishes with LEGRABOX and MERIVOBOX systems. LEGRABOX slim drawer in the carbon look meets the highest standards of customization and design. For a softer dark look, MERIVOBOX in Indium grey matt offers many design possibilities. With dark fitting, there is no need to sacrifice quality and functionality to get the desired look.

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2- Hidden hardware for lift doors with HKi 

Fittings: the more unobtrusive and space-saving they are, the better. At IDS, Blum presented for the first time AVENTOS HKi, a new built-in stay lift that blends seamlessly into furniture. With AVENTOS HKi, the hardware comes fully integrated into the cabinet side. Its slim design opens brand-new furniture possibilities: lift systems integrate into the cabinet without sacrificing storage space, and whatever design is required can be fitted consistently. With AVENTOS HKi, it will be easy to give users total freedom of movement, keeping fronts well out of their way.

Availability: Coming to the Canadian Market in 2024

3- SPACE STEP to reach new heights

Cabinet toe kicks offer undreamt-of possibilities in many areas in the house: kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, and mudroom. The SPACE STEP by Blum was a showstopper at IDS, as it brings multi-functionality to frequently left unused areas. This unique solution consists of a step that extends with a single touch. It helps little ones reach worktops and sinks. It offers easy access to higher storage in the kitchen or hallway. The top of the step can be pushed back into the cabinet to reveal a pull-out underneath. SPACE STEP delivers multiple benefits to cabinet toe kicks bringing multi-functionality to new levels.

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4- Hidden storage spaces in furniture

Multi-functionality in custom-made furniture was a highlight at IDS. It adds easy access and storage in typically lost spaces. In the Blum booth, the Pull-out shelf lock and the SPACE TWIN used in unexpected places were the show’s stars. In the living room, the multi-functional table with the sliding tops that lock in full extension gives the benefit of creating a secure table for kids to play. When they are finished, store the toys in the table and unlock the shelf to close the top. It’s that easy to create a peaceful and clutter-free play area. The SPACE TWIN hidden in the sofa arm caught the attention of IDS visitors. Why not use that wasted space and convert it into a drawer to store remote controls or use it as a resting space for a glass of wine? Blum offered many inspirations to get creative with unused storage space.

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5- REVEGO Pocket door systems for new space concepts

IDS confirmed that open-plan living space is a trend that will continue to gain popularity; users want to create multi-purpose smaller rooms. But also, smaller living spaces need to be optimized. Modern space concepts demand new solutions; this is why Blum developed the new pocket system. REVEGO is the solution to open complete living areas when needed and close them again when they are not in use. 

Availability: REVEGO Pocket door systems will be available in 2024.

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