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The DYNAPLAN interface lets you export data to various CAD/CAM programs, where it can be further processed. So you can get the best out of both programs.

You want to use 3D data (dwg, dxf, etc.), export DYNAPLAN cabinets including fittings data and drilling positions to a CAD program or even implement the DYNAPLAN fittings selection logic in a CAD program. No matter what you want to do, Blum has the right solution for you.

Please contact your software manufacturer to install the DYNAPLAN interface.

Advantages of the DYNAPLAN interface:

  • The CAD system remains as your primary program. DYNAPLAN can be opened as an auxiliary program for special situations.
  • The interface lets you use the synergies of both programs. You only have to enter the data once.
  • It makes it easy to plan special cabinets. At the press of a switch, fittings solutions for cabinet applications are exported from DYNAPLAN to a CAD/CAM program (collision checks included). All relevant information such as wooden parts, drilled holes and fittings are also sent in the process.
  • This means you no longer need to transfer and position individual CAD data in your design program by hand.

Overview of current DYNAPLAN interface partners

DYNAPLAN interface videos

Click here for detailed information on current interface partners
DYNAPLAN interface Software partner ARDIS
DYNAPLAN interface Our software partner cabinet vision
DYNAPLAN interface: Software partner Swiss all CAD
DYNAPLAN interface: Software partner Eficad
DYNAPLAN interface: Software partner Point Line


We will gladly advise you and help you choose the right interface partner for you.

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