Heavy fronts pivot up

AVENTOS HK, the state-of-the-art stay lift, lifts the single front upwards so very little space is needed above the cabinet. AVENTOS HK is best suited to wall cabinets of small to large height in high cabinet applications such as over the refrigerator or wall oven.


Cabinet dimensions

For cabinet heights of up to 600 mm and cabinet widths of 1800 mm.

Compact range

Only 4 lift mechanism types for all applications. The lift mechanism and front fixing brackets have been designed for symmetrical use.

Design of fronts

The stay lift can be implemented with wooden fronts and with fronts with wide or narrow aluminium frames.

Opening angle stop

The 100° and 75°opening angle stops ensure that little space is needed above the cabinet.

Motion technologies

With soft-close BLUMOTION, furniture closes softly and effortlessly regardless of weight and force used to close fronts.

Mitred and rebated applications

AVENTOS HK can also be used for mitred and rebated applications. Minor adjustments need only be made to the position of standard fittings.

Case studies

Great design scope

You can easily implement AVENTOS HK with wide and narrow aluminium frames. And it’s even suitable for cornice and crown mouldings.

Easy access

AVENTOS HK gives you easy access to contents because the front opens up and out of the user’s way.

Soft and effortless closing action

Even heavy fronts close softly and effortlessly with integrated soft-close BLUMOTION.

AVENTOS HK holds in any position

Adjust the lift mechanism precisely to the weight of the front and it will stay exactly where you want it to.


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