Earn CPD Points through Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE Workshops

Blum are pleased to announce the DYNAMIC SPACE workshop has been accredited through the Design Institute of Australia offering workshop participants 10 CPD points to contribute towards their professional development requirements. DYNAMIC SPACE workshops are held nationally with the next workshops scheduled to run from August to October 2017.

Blum’s Complimentary DYNAMIC SPACE workshop shares key insights and ideas for a practical kitchen with the industry; supporting designers, kitchen retailers and cabinet makers with the increasing competitive pressures and customer expectations around functionality and innovative solutions.

Blum has been investigating the needs and requirements of kitchen users for years, our research has shown that practical kitchens have three essential features: good workflow,

enough storage space and top quality of motion. A kitchen should not only look good but be practical too; our innovative products and practical solutions provide a high level of functionality and enhanced user convenience to every kitchen. DYNAMIC SPACE provides insight and knowledge backed by research to support conversations with your customers around enhanced design and product solutions; focusing on a long-term investment for their convenience and enjoyment over the next 15-20 years.

Attending a DYNAMIC SPACE workshop will provide you with additional knowledge around the values and benefits of not only a beautiful but practical kitchen. Workshops are being held nationally this year and offer 10 CPD points from the Design Institute of Australia to workshop participants.

“DYNAMIC SPACE workshops have been an industry endorsed and embraced topic for over 13 years. Obtaining CPD points, through the DIA platform is a further acknowledgement of the unique value the workshop has in supporting the design community” shares David Noakes, Director – Sales and Marketing Blum Australia.

Blum provides insights into beautiful yet practical kitchens

DYNAMIC SPACE workshops provide key insights on how a kitchen cannot only look beautiful but also be practical through innovative and functional solutions

DIA CPD points can now be earned through DYNAMIC SPACE Workshops

The Design Institute of Australia have accredited the DYNAMIC SPACE workshop with 10 CPD points for workshop participants to accredit to their personal development.


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