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Blum Kitchen Test Drive

A new kitchen should do one thing above all else – provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Before your new kitchen is installed, visit a Blum showroom or talk to your designer about trying out your plans with the Blum Kitchen Test Drive. This allows you to test out your design to make sure that it has everything you need in your perfect kitchen.

A lot of thought and time goes into the kitchen purchasing process. In addition to this it is an expensive activity. A new kitchen is comparable to the investment of a new car. However you would never buy a car without first taking a brief test drive.

Learn more about the benefits of a Blum Kitchen Test Drive appointment

  • Experiencing workflow in your kitchen first hand. You will be able to see the advantages of having a kitchen planned in zones and have the opportunity to make layout changes which will optimise workflow.
  • Visualise what your future kitchen will look like, whilst learning about different space optimising and organisation solutions for different cabinet applications
  • Experience the benefits of top quality Blum fittings.
  • Any problems or errors with the current kitchen can be detected early and the plan can be adjusted. You will be confident in your new kitchen and avoid disappointment after installation.
Contact your local Blum showroom to learn more about Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive or make an appointment.

*Note: Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive allows you to experience the workflows and ergonomics of your drafted kitchen first hand. This enables optimisations to be made prior to installation. It is not a design tool nor does it replace the kitchen designer.

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