Zone Planner

Knowing how much storage space you require allows you to plan effectively

Knowing how much storage space you require in your kitchen to plan effectively

The Zone Planner is an online tool that will assist you with your storage space requirements during kitchen planning. The Zone Planner provides a list of popular stored items for each of the five zones you can then select the items you require to store and input the quantities to generate a list of storage items for your kitchen. Recommendations are then provided for interior organisation and ideas for practical cabinet solutions to ensure that everything is stored ergonomically and can be easily accessed. The Zone Planner is best used when planning your kitchen allowing you to know in advance what storage requirements and solutions you need. These can then be then be discussed with your kitchen planner to ensure you end up with the right kitchen for you.

Planning the right kitchen for you

A new kitchen should do one thing above all else - provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. We are continuously developing new ideas to make modern kitchens even more practical, we call these ideas “DYNAMIC SPACE”. DYNAMIC SPACE focuses on three essential features of a practical kitchen – good workflows, enough storage space and top quality motion. Pay attention to all three and your kitchen will suit you and your needs.

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