Online Product Configuratorby Blum

Online Product Configurator

Support for selecting, ordering, and assembling Blum hardware

Blum’s Online Product Configurator (OPC) is a robust application which provides detailed parts lists and planning information. It efficiently defines hardware solutions and provides you with extensive information about Blum’s products.


Guest login is available and provides immediate access with basic level information. Full access to the OPC is suggested to obtain greatest functionality. Authorization is granted by registering online, but this is not an immediate process.


  • Calculate complex applications quickly and accurately
  • Exact parts list to support effortless and error free ordering
  • Detailed planning diagrams assist in installation
  • Internet based application - no limitations due to operating system

Allow the OPC to easily step you though the process of choosing products, entering the dimensions and selecting options for you specific application. Your results can then be exported to shareable documents that include part numbers, descriptions, finishes, and thumbnail images. Planning information will deliver customized results with space requirements, screw positions, measurements, and assembly specifications.

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