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Blum is an international company that specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company's main product groups are lift mechanisms, hinges and drawer systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture.

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Elegant box system with slim drawer sides

LEGRABOX – elegance in motion

Is there such thing as the perfect drawer? Free from all that is familiar, focussed on the principles it pursues – yet unprecedented in its level of performance. Minimalistic. Straightforward. Simple. Slimline. And extremely elegant. Like the new LEGRABOX: Elegance in motion.

Elegant box system with slim drawer sides
One programme. Two lines.


Tried and tested TANDEMBOX systems enable you to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements, The proven TANDEMBOX line offer two entirely different styles to choose from with TANDEMBOX intivo and TANDEMBOX antaro.

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One programme. Two lines.
AVENTOS gives you a lift system for every application

AVENTOS: Variety for lift systems

Blum's fittings solutions for wall cabinets.

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AVENTOS gives you a lift system for every application
Precision: The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge system from Blum


The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge has set new standards. This is sophisticated technology within the smallest space. Perfect motion has been seamlessly integrated into the boss. CLIP top BLUMOTION offers new design possibilities for doors.

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Precision: The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge system from Blum
One-touch opening - soft closing

Motion Technologies

Blum's motion technologies; silent and effortless BLUMOTION soft-close and opening support systems SERVO-DRIVE (electric) and TIP-ON (mechanic) bring enhanced user convenience and top quality motion to kitchens.

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One-touch opening - soft closing

    Blum Showrooms

    Architects, designers, cabinet makers and consumers are encouraged to visit a Blum Showroom. Inspire, demonstrate or test drive kitchen designs with Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE kitchen test drive.

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    Blum's product configurator allows for the quick, easy and convenient selection and design of a broad range of Blum fittings solutions.

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    The popular ordering information and support guide – comprehensive and up to date.
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