TIP-ON BLUMOTIONTwo functions – fascinatingly combined

TIP-ON BLUMOTION – the mechanical motion support system

Fascinating combination

TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines the advantages of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system with reliable BLUMOTION dampening. The opening sequence is activated by pressing on the front. Closure with a slight force activated the BLUMOTION silent and effortless closing. This sophisticated motion technology can be used with box system LEGRABOX and also the concealed runner system MOVENTO. The best part: the motion is assisted 100% mechanically.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION trailer (25.43 MB)

Small front gap

With a front gap of just 2.5 millimetres, TIP-ON BLUMOTION is also suitable for kitchens. The TIP-ON BLUMOTION synchronisation extends the trigger range for opening to virtually anywhere along the drawer or pull-out front.

Reliable function

Should the pull-out ever be pulled open or pushed closed manually, TIP-ON BLUMOTION will still remain fully functional at all times.

Helpful information about the pull-out systems

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